Monday, November 21, 2011

Artisan Works Rochester N.Y.

This was by far my most unique wedding EVER! Had to share a few photos of the reception room.

So each centerpiece had an item incorporated into it that I viewed in the museum.18 tables total,from lighted arrangements too...

Stained glass sign for the bride and groom too...

Mirrors! loved this one~

A window from the 1800's with stained glass artwork too..

A taxidermy OWL! I loved this intertwined with grapevines and roses...too

Bicycle wheels..too

A wasp nest minus the bees! lol too...

A 1960's I believe cadillac steering wheel! too...

A manican to look like the bride..this by far received the most attention! and did just exactly what I was hoping for!

Another taxidermy wood duck!

Decks of cards! queens and kings!

A bowling pin!


Completely different from the museum flowers..the bride carried a bouquet of white tinsel poms,blue delphniums and white stephnotis! perfect for Claire!

Word from the bride:Dear Sarah a.k.a wildflower, thank you so much for the flowers.They were awesome.Everyone loved them and it was the talk of the night.Artisan works wanted to buy the vases they liked them so much.The bride's head was a hit,some of my parents friends took pictures with it. :) thank you for everything Rich and Claire

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